Selling a Business

Is it time to sell?

Selling your business is a major decision!

You’ve owned your business for a while – had some ups and a few downs but you wouldn’t change it for the world. Some of your staff and customers may have been with you from the very beginning, others have joined you later in the journey.

Your heart doesn’t want to sell but your head (and the wise people around you) are telling you to get out – on your terms. To enjoy your life, health & family. You want to walk away with your head held high and see your business go to a good home. You want the Baton to be passed to a safe pair of hands…

Who do you turn to?

You want an optimal outcome, a smooth & professional process with someone who is 100% in your corner. Someone with the experience and qualifications that you know will matter. Someone who operates with professionalism and integrity, who will value what you have created and work for you to maximise your outcome.

Our Processes

We will meet with you and Understand your business and your objectives.

Once we have explained what we do, answered your questions and you are ready, we enter into an Engagement Agreement.

We then prepare the Information Memorandum (IM) that documents your business, its history, market, staff, financials and other information that a potential purchaser will want to know. During this process, we will also recommend a Sale Price.

Your business is then Marketed to strategic targets in and around your industry in Australia and beyond. The release of your IM is only to parties you personally approve once they have completed a Confidentiality Agreement.

We compare and evaluate competing Offers and Negotiate the price and key terms, working with you and your accounting and legal advisors to determine the best offer.

Once you have accepted an offer, the purchaser and their advisors will verify the information provided and the lawyers will arrange the legal aspects of the Contract. We manage Due Diligence and screen requests for information to those that are necessary.

Once the conditions have been satisfied then the Transaction Will Settle.