About Us

Baton Advisory

We chose the name ‘Baton Advisory’ to evoke the image of a Baton being handed seamlessly from one hand to another by a relay team who demonstrate flawless technique, outstanding teamwork and precision born of hours of practice.

Passing on the Baton of business ownership also requires expertise, trust and preparation. A business sale is not just a financial transaction – it also represents the letting go of a huge part of someone’s very being and impacts on the wider team of employees, customers, suppliers, friends and family.

Why Engage Baton?

Here at Baton Advisory, we see our role as being more than simply facilitating a deal. When we work on behalf of the seller, we guide them through unchartered waters and we help them achieve the best possible outcome.

When we are engaged by the purchaser, we present them with acquisition opportunities that create strong synergies, growing their business value and enhancing their operations.

In all situations, we are driven by integrity, professionalism, care and dedication.

Selling a Business

Baton Advisory is a full-service M&A advisory firm dedicated to providing business owners the necessary guidance to confidentially sell their business.

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Businesses for Sale

Baton Advisory takes pride in taking the necessary time and care up front with our business owners to make sure our business for sale are market ready.

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Buying a Business

Our team works with independent buyers and Buyer Mandate Clients making the process of business acquisitions as smooth and hassle free as possible.

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Are you interested in our Businesses for Sale?

Begin your search for the ideal business oportunity by viewing our latest businesses for sale or browse the whole collection from the link bellow.