Rating Buyer Seriousness

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Use the following criteria as a guide for judging the seriousness of potential buyers:

Positive signs

  • Has an interest in the business deeper than the financials
  • Has sector or relevant experience – ease of transition
  • Has enough money to buy a business
  • Located near the business or intends to employ a manager
  • Has previously run or is currently involved in successful businesses

Negative signs

  • Has a current full time job – problems may arise when comes time to leave the job
  • Is only interested by financial performance – indicates low level of seriousness and interest
  • Has no experience in the sector – may cause difficulty during and post transition period
  • Requires significant external financing – may be problematic in negotiations
  • Is reluctant or uncooperative in providing background information – may be hiding something
  • Enquires about multiple businesses across a range of sectors – indicates low level of interest in said particular business