Preparation is key

An athletics team preparing for a big relay race will plan for many months and even years out. They will make sure they’ve got the best coach and team, set goals and ensure that each transfer of the baton is smooth. The coach will bring in experts for particular areas such a nutrition, speed work and technique.

Similarly, when preparing to sell your business, there are many things that you can do to improve the chances of a successful sale and maximise your returns.


Baton Advisory as your coach

We can show you where you are now and implement a strategy for success. We will work with you to reduce the reliance on the owner, systemise the business, review your structure, increase profitability, improve your working capital management and implement other tweaks that will make your business more attractive. From time to time, we will suggest engaging experts in specific fields. We assist you to avoid the stumbling blocks and guide you on the journey.


Where are you now?

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