Leading and competitively positioned scaffolding hire business with clients across SEQ!

Price: $4,000,000

Industry: Building and Construction

Baton ID: 44


Highly respected and competitive scaffolding hire business serving a wide range of clients across SEQ.

• Diversified service offering and stock provide a key competitive advantage
• FY23 Revenue $3.9M
• Impressive sector versatility, with the ability to supply scaffolding and labour services across a range of small-access jobs
• Strong rebound post COVID-19 indicates the strength of the business, maintaining working capital requirements whilst soaring to higher profits
• Highly experienced and loyal staff

The business is positioned as an industry leader due to its niche offering currently unmatched by competitors, run by a dedicated team with specialised knowledge.

Appealing Investment to:
• Local scaffolding companies looking to increase business traffic
• Companies looking to expand their scaffolding equipment supply
• Interstate industry players seeking a QLD presence
• Construction companies looking to add scaffolding to their in-house capabilities
• Private Equity firms

Business Details

Total Sales: $3,900,000

EBITDA: $532,000

M&A Advisor

Mike Guyomar

Mike Guyomar
Mobile: 0405-090-165