High Potential Fleet Management Software for Sale!

Price: $2,000,000

Location: The item for sale is software hence location is not a factor

Baton ID: 81


This fleet management software is competitively positioned given its one-of-a-kind software and its affordable pricing. The software is certified by some of the largest global telematics companies.

- Software reviewed and certified by some of the largest global telematics companies
- Positioned favorably to dominate in an emerging market
- 5-year historical development timeline
- $2.6m invested in the research and development over its lifetime
- Totally stand-alone iOS and Android apps
- NHVR approved EWD

What is for sale?
- All design documentation and source code, including test code
- All customers and contacts database, including prospective customers
- Transfer of all currently active, udner trial and cancelled accounts
- Wesbite
- Support over next six months at discounted cost

M&A Advisor

Mike Guyomar

Mike Guyomar
Mobile: 0405-090-165